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Essential Tools for Organizational Performance Book

The first book in the Essential Tools series focuses on organizational development for increased business performance.  The text and models cover process management, leading to change management and organizational development.

Essential Tools for Organizational Performance focuses on organizational development for increased business performance. The book shows that process implementation in any business depends on two key factors. First, the role of knowledge management in organizational and individual improvement is vital. Secondly, performance management for individual employees, and collaboration between organizations can bring about lasting change and development. Each chapter presents a balance between the organization’s and individual performance commitment, and features helpful pointers to further sources of information.

Using the authors’ knowledge and practical experience across a range of organizations and cultural settings this publication depicts the systematic efforts required for organizational development. This covers the following five major elements:

  • Process Management
  • Change Management and Organizational Development
  • People-Focused Performance Management
  • Knowledge Management and Performance
  • Organizational Performance through Tactical and Strategic Partnering

Each of the five major elements have a dedicated chapter describing in detail the tools and techniques necessary for successful performance improvement.
Essential Tools for Organizational Performancenot only brings these inter-related topics together in a logical way but allows each to be considered as a stand-alone performance strategy. It fully references the original source of the models used and where additional in-depth information may be found.

It should be noted that the book title reflects that the narrative describes a range of tools and models on this important management topic and that the five chapters may be viewed as stand alone topics or as elements of a systematic approach to organizational development and performance management; although in practice, of course, not always will all of the five topics be applicable to every company.

The structure follows the successful Toolbox formula of integrating contemporary management tools, techniques and models with those developed from practical experience of addressing the interconnectedness of a wide range of organizational challenges across multiple industries. To assist the reader each chapter is punctuated by key theme sub-headings to aid navigation and provide a logical approach to each topic area together with accompanying explanations intended to facilitate robust analysis, gain commitment and develop momentum.

The incremental nature of the book content is planned to act as a catalyst in reducing the lead-time to developing practical responses to changes in market dynamics and assist the application of right-sizing throughout any organization’s development life cycle, with an equal relevance to both the public and private sectors. It should be noted that both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ management issues are balanced to help emphasize the importance of symbiotic relationships in engaging people, achieving high performance and driving innovation through active knowledge management, all of we have covered in this text. Finally, the use of the plan-do-review theme is deliberate throughout the book to allow any manager, facilitator or change agent to deliver performance improvement in a structured and effective format.

“This is an extremely useful book for both business students and practicing managers. It presents models and theoretical frameworks, derived from research, in a way that is stimulating, accessible and of practical value. Topics are logically sequenced for ease of reference and the material is interesting and clearly presented without being oversimplified. Burtonshaw–Gunn and Salameh have produced a clear and practical guide that will help to improve management practice.”
Sue Gill, Organisational Psychologist, Director of In–Company Programmes, Salford Business School, University of Salford, Greater Manchester.

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